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Why Live Streaming Video?

Do you own or work for a buiness in Louisville, KY? If your business uses social media or has a website, you are by default a content creator. If you lack the time or knowledge to do that correctly, LeoCast can help create content that looks professional and reaches the most people.

Think of LeoCast as a TV news station you can hire. Actually, we go far beyond the one way street of television. We offer the same high quality video, audio and expertise, with extras that TV can’t provide.

LeoCast focuses on live streaming for many reasons…

  • Live streamed video is proven to have the longest watch times and most audience engagement of any media on the web
  • Because live streaming happens in real time, your audience is directly involved in what is happening. You can engage with them, ask and answer questions, even speak to them by name
  • Live streamed video consistently ranks highest on search engines, boosting it to the top results pages of a relevant goole search

And live streaming is just the beginning. Once your broadcast is complete, we customize your content for reuse across  your web presence. From embedding a highlight video on your website to making “snack-sized” videos for your social media accounts, LeoCast ensures you will get the most life out of your content, reaching your audience wherever they are on the web.

Live Streamed Interviews | 2017 Rose Awards | Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau | November 2017

Live Streamed Interviews | 2017 Rose Awards | Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau | November 2017


Event Promotional Video

Event Promo Facebook Live for Yelp Louisville | Coalition for the Homeless' Craft Beer Throw Down | Falls City Brewing Tap Room | October 2018

This was a two part live stream to promote The Coalition for the Homeless Louisville’s event, the Craft Beer Throwdown, with the goal of ending teenage homelessness in Louisville by 2020. Holsopple Brewing hosted the first event promo the week before, and Falls City Brewing, the defending champion of last year’s inaugural event, hosted the second live stream. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. For a good cause.

Event Highlight Videos

Highlight Video for Art In Action | Yelp Louisville | Speed Art Museum | November 2018

While the majority of our work begins as a live stream, this one, capturing all of the fun of Yelp Louisville and Speed Art Museum’s event Art in Action, was a one-minute highlight video from its conception. A good choice when you have much to say and a short time to convey your message.

ROSE Awards Finalist Interviews | Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau | Downtown Marriott | November 2017

This was a side show to the main event. Every year, the Louisville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau honors members of our hospitality industry who have done an exemplary job making sure visitors to our city have the best experience possible. From these interviews with the finalists, you can see why selecting the winners from such a worthy group was so difficult.

Live Event Video

“Dear Mr Fantasy” | Concert for the Commonwealth | Odeon Louisville | November 2018

This was a particularly brilliant moment from an extraordinary event. Concert for the Commonwealth was two nights of music by Michael Shannon’s Corporal and Louisville World Music Band Yapa. The events raised awareness about candidates campaigning to serve Kentucky’s common good and to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

"Snack-Sized" Social Media Videos

How to Bet on a Horse Race | Kentucky Derby Museum and Yelp Louisville | April 2018

“Snack-Sized” social media edit for Instagram, made from a Facebook Live Broadcast promoting Yelp’s Exploration Society: Horserace Betting with the Kentucky Derby Museum Event, put on by the Kentucky Derby Museum and Yelp Louisville. It is a good example of how LeoCast can extend the life of your content across your social media and web presence.

21c Hotel | Global Folk Music Interactive | June 2018

This was a spur of the moment event highlight video for a cool friend who put together the Global Folk Music Interactive at 21c Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. A heartfelt thanks to all of the musicians contributing their stories, traditions and talents to our little melting pot.

Become a Bourbon Badass | Art Eatables and Yelp Louisville | April 2018

Hungry for another helping of “Snack-Sized” social media content? This one started with a Facebook Live Event Promo with Yelp and Art Eatables, for Yelp Louisville’s “Become a Bourbon Badass” event in April 2018. We selected one (of the many) fun bits of that interview and created this little video for Art Eatables’ Instagram page.

Our Place in Space | Planetary Society of Louisville | Headliners Music Hall | June 2017

Ever been to a space party? We have! The creative geniuses behind Our Place In Space gathered together a few NASA engineers, some astrophysicists, a space policy lobbyist and a few hundred space nerds and hosted an intergalactic gala. The goal was to inform the public that we are all a part of the race into space and that NASA is constantly looking for people with various skill sets for their team. In this short excerpt of the day long event, NASA Scientist Stephen Watson explains the instrumentation on the Juno Space Craft to an enthusiastic crowd. So, you wanna go to Mars?

About LeoCast

Who We Are

LeoCast Live Streaming was founded in 2009, back when Netflix was sending DVDs through the mail and before Hulu, Periscope, SlingTV and most of the other video streaming services existed. It was pretty obvious to us that this live streaming video thing was going to be huge. In the time since we have mastered the ins and outs of this fickle technology and have gained a level of expertise that no other Louisville digital agency can claim. We keep up to date with the latest advancements so you don’t have to sweat the technical stuff. When you hire LeoCast, you can rest assured that your production will look and sound as professional as possible. 

What We Do

Multi-Camera Productions: Just like live television, LeoCast records video with several cameras connected to a video switcher so we can choose the best shot angle to help us tell your story in the most compelling way. This solution works great for live interviews, concerts, weddings, seminars and sporting events. It allows us to capture events with high action like a high school football game, and also to make a more interesting story out of low action events such as a single speaker on a large stage.

Mobile Camera Production: When you need the flexibility of a quick production with minimal set up time, our single camera option fits the bill and the budget. Just like the field reporter for TV news, we are able to go almost anywhere on short notice to cover your event. Great for one and done broadcasts like webinars, event promotions, graduation and awards ceremonies, product demonstrations and public speakers.

Serial Social Media Campaigns: For the Biggest Impact, the digital creatives at LeoCast will produce a series of live streamed broadcasts using all of your favorite social media platforms. To give potential viewers the best chance of finding and watching this series, it will be live streamed regularly, on the same day of the week and at the same time of day, in several different formats and locations across your web presence.

Full Service Digital Media Agency: While we specialize in live streaming, LeoCast also offers our clients the expertise and experience of a full service digital media agency, featuring web design, videography, photography and social media marketing.

Where We Do It

On Location: One of the greatest things about our service is that we can stream from just about anywhere. We have successfully streamed from moving cars, from old theater buildings, from deep inside concrete basements and outdoors standing in the middle of fields. We have even live streamed from drones! Any place we can acquire a cell signal, connect to wireless or wired  internet is fair game for a live stream. And these days that is just about everywhere. 

In Our Studio: When the project calls for a more controlled environment, come to our offices in Launch Louisville. Occupying a theater building founded in 1915, this member-managed co-working and event space has over 20,000 square feet of possibility! Whatever your production calls for, we can find a solution at Launch Louisville.

The Team


Pam | Moment Maker | The Heart

Pam | Moment Maker | The Heart

Dan | Digital Genius | The Eye

Dan | Digital Picasso | The Eye

Kim | Soul Influencer | The Spirit

Kim | Soul Influencer | The Spirit

Leo | Lucid Dreamer | The Mind

Leo | Lucid Dreamer | The Mind

Multi Camera Live Stream | Our Place in Space | Headliners Music Hall | Louisville Kentucky | June 17, 2017

Multi Camera Live Stream | Our Place in Space | Headliners Music Hall | Louisville Kentucky | June 17, 2017


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