Let LeoCast help you harness the power of today’s digital communication tools to tell your story to the world!

On the Internet, content is King and video is Queen. Make sure your voice is heard above the crowd with a high-quality, professionally produced video. From live action sports, to weddings, from small business ad campaigns to live streaming concerts and anything else you need, LeoCast will put the most powerful digital story telling tools to work for you. Our professional videographers, web developers and photographers will work with you to turn your ideas into reality. Here are some examples of our past work.

Jim James, front-man for My Morning Jacket, discusses saving our soil

Jim James, front-man for My Morning Jacket, discusses saving our soil

Web Video Productions:
The digital video revolution has arrived! In the same way that the massive computers which once filled rooms in university laboratories have made the journey into the back pockets and purses of most citizens, the tools of creating moving pictures are no longer the sole property of Hollywood. By using the latest professional cameras and digital recording software, HD video rivaling the quality of big budget studios can be created by those with the “know-how” to use the new digital tools.

Wendell Berry is a celebrated Kentucky author, poet, essayist, philosopher and farmer.

LeoCast has mastered the new technology and is ready to put it to work for you. We have the right tools, personnel, experience and confidence needed to get the job done. We will be your guide through the entire process; from generating and defining the initial ideas of what message you want to convey, to filming, through post production and distribution over the Internet. LeoCast is your one stop shop for telling your story with video.

Whoever you are and whatever message you are trying to convey, LeoCast will help you reach the right audience with a web video that is memorable, powerful and surprisingly affordable.

Product & Service Demos:
Does your business have a product or service you wish to promote?

Knowledge is power. In today’s competitive landscape, it pays to make your offerings shine above the rest with a professional web video. We help you educate your customers about you, helping them to make their purchasing decision in your favor.

Is your business offering something that is difficult to explain? Even the most complicated product or intricate process can be more easily understood visually. LeoCast will help you leverage the power of HD video, motion graphics and professional audio to present your goods and services in the most favorable light to the right audience.

And, Even if what you are selling needs no explanation, chances are good there is someone down the road selling it, too. Showing off your product or service will help it stay in your customer’s mind much longer than merely telling them about it. Show your audience why whatever you are selling is the best available.

Meetings and Seminars:

Two truths about today’s business world: 1. there is so much more information to be conveyed and 2. the people who need that information are separated by much more physical distant than ever before. Let LeoCast help you transmit your business message to the people who need to hear, wherever they may be located.

Jason Falls

Jason Falls talks about his company, Social Media Explorer

Today, companies are often spread out across different cities, states and countries. When it is crucial that you pass the same message to everyone at once, we will come to you, set up a mobile video studio and broadcast your meeting live over the internet so everyone receives the same information. All that is needed is high-speed internet access. And because we broadcast over the internet, we can enhance your broadcast with other functionality, like IM chat, facebook and twitter.

When the value of your business is your specific knowledge of a subject, we can help you reach a larger audience. Traditionally, specialized information was passed to a group of people in a seminar. But not everyone who could benefit from your seminar has the time or money to travel to your location. Now you can exponentially expand the size of your audience by broadcasting your seminar live over the internet. LeoCast will come to your location and create a live broadcast of your content. We work with you to develop the best solution broadcast your content to the largest audience possible.

Anchorage School Auditorium Dedication Ceremony.

Some times everything cannot be perfect for your perfect day. LeoCast offers brides and grooms a modern solution to the problems of conflicting schedules, long distance travel hassles, last minute emergencies, and other situations that prevent family and friends from attending your wedding.

When your family and friends can’t be there, let LeoCast film your wedding ceremony and stream it live over the web. Give your distant loved ones an easy way to watch your wedding as it happens.

From anywhere with a high speed internet connection, your “virtual guests” will see a high-quality video broadcast of you walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, exchanging rings, and being pronounced husband and wife. Live as it is happening!

The Wedding of Emily and Jeromy.

Streaming your ceremony is also a great way to extend the number of people you can invite, allowing you to have an almost unlimited number of “virtual guests”!

Our process is very simple…

  1. On your wedding day, we arrive early and set up before your guests are seated.
  2. A few minutes before the ceremony, your “virtual guests” visit the webpage and begin watching your big moment!
  3. After your wedding day, the video will be available for on-demand viewing on your webpage.
  4. After the wedding day, you’ll receive a DVD of your ceremony so you can relive it again and again.