Don’t let your family history disappear. Preserve it with LeoCast
LeoCast uses the latest HD technology to capture and preserve your family’s living history for the most vibrant, long lasting archival record possible.

Everyone’s life adds another chapter to the story of a family. Are the stories of your family’s recent past in jeopardy of being lost? Our parents, grand parents and great grand parents grew up in a world that is dramatically different than the one we know today. Their memories are often our only keys to the people, places and events that are so integral to the foundation of our own life’s story.

Carl Yunker

Carl Yunker in his early forties.

LeoCast will work with your loved ones to help capture the memories and stories that will be treasure for your children and your children’s children. In their words, from their mouths, a professional interviewer will guide your elderly loved one’s through the telling of their stories while our camera crew captures their every word and expression on film.

Carl and Marie Yunker family

We use a simple, three-step process. First, our historian visits your loved ones at their home and helps them organize the stories they will tell. On the second visit, our video crew sets up lighting, audio equipment and cameras. When everything is ready, our historian conducts an interview with your loved one, guiding them through the process and keeping them on track if they need help. Finally, we edit this interview footage together with motion graphics and old family photos into a DVD that will continue to tell their story after they no longer can.

This process works equally well for single interviewees, many at a time, or during family reunions when many generations of the family are together in the same place.