LIBA Louisville Local Business Expo

TED-Style, 20 minute talks from:

1:30pm – The Storyteller in You

Stories told by excellent communicators create sticky memories in the listener’s brain. They generate imagery that goes beyond normal corporate jargon and take us deeper into our emotions. Madison Cork is a pro at creating great storytellers and will share the simple ways to bring out the storyteller in you!

2:30pm – Turning the Ship Around

How reconnecting to mission and community can reinvigorate your business. Kentucky Shakespeare was on the brink of collapse before Matt Wallace took the helm and applied core business principles to bring it to a record breaking season the following year.

3:30pm – Being Your Own Super Fan

Darnell Ferguson, owner of SuperChefs, struggled for much of his life. In this talk, he shares how with the right belief in himself, he overcame trials, tribulations and barriers to become a successful business owner.